Who am I & What will I do

Hi there! I'm Eric, and though you will get to know me as you go along in this site, here are some things about me I think are interesting: I am a photographer (great with B&W), Mexican, spider lover, artist, traveller, futurist, architecture fan and a great admirer of Mexican culture and its ancient civilizations that continue prevail and remain autochthonous, mainly the Tarahumara and the Mayan. By the way kaambesah means teacher in Mayan dialect.
In the next six months I will be volunteering as a full-time English teacher in the Mayan community of Temozon Sur in Yucatan, Mexico. I will teach in a primary and secondary school, also in the Hacienda of Temozon Sur (to the staff of the hotel pictured above) and with people in the workshops that were developed by the organization I am working for; La Fundacion Haciendas del Mundo Maya (FHMM) and United Vision.